Finatrack Global Ltd

Vehicle security is a priority for most vehicle owners and users. The power to enhance your vehicle can be achieved through remote engine control.

Finatrack Global Ltd tracking system enables remote disablig of the vehicle power using the car tracking app or SMS. The vehicle will switch off once speed lowers to 20km/h hence protecting against accidents when vehicle is in motion. The vehicle can only be switched back on using the tracking app or sms command after this. Follow the following steps to switch off your vehicle:

Step 1: Access your account

Login to your account using the mobile app or website browser. Click on Finatrack Global App Icon on your android and IOS device. If using a computer; visit

Enter your account name, password and click login.

Step 2: Choose vehicle

Click on the vehicle icon of the vehicle that you wish to switch off. The vehicle icon will show a pop up menu.

Click on the pop up menu to access more options.

Step 3: Send Command

Click on commands to access commands options. Then click on stop engine. enter your password and click OK.

The vehicle will now switch off. To switch it on click restore engine and enter password.