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Finatrack Global Ltd

Finatrack Global Ltd enhances the vehicle ownership experience through GPS tracking and web based vehicle marketplace and finance solutions.

We currently have vacancies in commission sales opportunities for our vehicle tracking products and services in Kenya. 

How it works

Vehicle tracking involves the installation of a smart device inside the vehicle. This device then enables sharing of vehicle location, speed,distance and other reports with the vehicle owner. The vehicle owner is able to access this information through a mobile application or website browser. Our mobile application can be installed from both android playstore and apple appstores.

Our client segments include:  personal vehicle owners, commercial vehicle owners and vehicle asset finance companies. Individual and commercial vehicle owners invest in our tracking services inorder to reduce vehicle theft risk, enhance vehicle management and save on insurance charges. Vehicle tracking is also required during processing of vehicle related loans where we continue partnering with asset finance companies such as banks to provide vehicle tracking services to their vehicle loan clients.

Our sales executives work on building relationships with relevant businesses and individuals to offer long term value through our solutions.

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