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About Us

Licensed providers of GPS tracking solutions in Kenya

Enjoy peace of mind and advanced security through superior car tracking solutions. We are licensed by Communication Authority of Kenya.

Car Tracking entails installaion of a smart device that enables monitoring of location, speed, movements and other relevant information through an internet browser and/or mobile phone application.

Our desktop browser application is available through . Our mobile phone application can be downloaded on both Android (PlayStore) and Iphone (AppStore); Search for FINATRACK.

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GPS Tracking

Wholesale and retail suppliers of GPS tracking in Kenya.


Fleet Management

Providers of fleet management solutions for commercial vehicle owners.


Asset Security

Asset finance security solutions for banks, saccos and micro finance institutions.



Providers of tracking partnership solutions for motor dealers.

Overview Of Our Values

Transforming the Vehicle Industry experience

We seek to transform the vehicle industry experience through reliable global car tracking and fleet management solutions. We enhance the trading and ownership of vehicles through our wide array of technology solutions.

We focus on the following market segments within our industry:

  • Buyers of brand new and used motor vehicles.
  • Current owners of both private and commercial vehicles.
  • Commercial transporters and logistics firms.
  • Motor vehicle asset finance companies.

Unlike other car tracking companies we pride ourself in offering unmatched supporting complementary solutions that enable the vehicle owner to have a superior advantage within the market. Our network of solutions enables the vehicle owner to cut on costs, increase efficiency and enhance income opportunities.

We have a wide array of data and industry insights, which helps us to offer additional advisory services to our clients and partners.

Finatrack Global Ltd directors serve as founders and directors of other firms including Online Advisors Insurance Agency Ltd (Licensed independent insurance agency), Walters Trading Co Ltd (Commercial transporters of quarry products), Walter Builders Ltd (Real Estate Developers), T.J Michael and Company Advocates (Licensed law firm), Zaidi Insurance and Technology Ltd (Risk Managemnet through Internet Of Things) and Finahost Online Solutions (Web/App Development and Digital Marketing Firm).




Being a client or partner at Finatrack Global Ltd enables your to get priority service and discounted rates in all our other sister companies.


Asset Finance

Asset Finance
Tracking Partnerships


Available Tracker Types

Explore Our Main GPS Tracker Types

Wired Trackers

This tracker are isntalled by a professional wiring technician within the vehicle.They are powered by the vehicles battery and have a back up battery.

Portable Trackers

We have portable magnetic trackers which can be installed by attached to the vehicle body or inside compatment by the vehicle owner. The devices have a long lifetime rechargeable battery.

OBD II Tracker

This tracker is installed by plugging it to the vehicle OBD II port ( The same port where vehicle diagnostics machine is attached. The tracker recharges using the vehicle’s battery


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We Are Professional Tracking
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