Finatrack Global Ltd

Vehicle tracking refers to the ability to monitor vehicle location and other activities through an online software. Vehicle tracking involves installation of a smart device inside the vehicle. This device then receives signals from satellites aroung the globe. The signals pin point the location of the device and update location after every couple of seconds (mainly 10 seconds). This information is the transfered through a GSM network(for example Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom…) enabled by a sim card installed in the device.

The information is transfered to a cloud server where it is stored and arranged to display different reports. The user can then access the information by login in to their account through a website or mobile phone app.

Finatrack Global Ltd tracking system can be accessed through or through the Finatrack app available on both android Playstore and Apple App Store. For enquiries contact us through or 0723 645 810