Finatrack Global Ltd

What does GPS for fleet tracking do?

Once installed, your GPS tracker will relay data collected from the vehicle to satellites, computers, and receivers in order to determine the vehicle’s exact, real-time location. Other types of information that may be gathered include:

  • Engine time
  • Geofencing status
  • Fleet mileage tracking
  • Fuel consumption
  • Hours of Service
  • Speed of vehicle in operation
  • Instances of unsafe driving practices such as hard braking

Connected software and extra features could include:

  • Driving history
  • Fleet summary reports
  • Driver safety alerts/ alert setup
  • Messaging
  • Driver ID
  • Predictive maintenance reports

GPS trackers are designed to increase the overall efficiency and safety of your operation. It is no longer enough to simply know where your fleet vehicles are and find faster, more efficient routes.