An app — myraasta — can help citizens get driver’s licence (DL) or registration certificate (RC) with just a click and with nominal charges. If this application (app) services work efficiently, gone would be the days when while applying for a driving licence or getting the registration for your car or bike, we had to run from pillar to post in regional transport offices (RTOs). Karn Nagpal, Director, Rosmerta, said, “myraasta started an app service that will help people get their DL, RC or hypothecation termination with just a click.”
Talking to ANI, Nagpal said, “Rosmerta Raasta mobile vans deployed at the premises ensure enhanced customer experience with a mobile application-based service for end-users. This app offers online registration for processing all RTO transactions on behalf of vehicle OEMs along with regular door-to-door vehicle repair and maintenance services. Also, the group company, Sensorise, portrays IoT (Internet of Things)/M2M (mobile to mobile) connectivity solutions with eSIM technology offering cellular connectivity plans for vehicle telematics.” An eSIM is an embedded SIM card fitted into the phone’s motherboard.
Rosmerta is in Auto Expo 2023 to showcase the road safety digital solutions, services and products under the Surakshit Safar initiative by SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers). Talking about the company’s initiative about the Surakshit Safar pavilion at Auto Expo, Kartick Nagpal, President, Rosmerta Technologies, said that the initiative showcases SIAM’s approach and commitment to road safety beyond engineering, addressing the road safety challenges to create a safe journey model.
In association to SIAM’s initiative of Surakshit Safar, Rosmerta is all set to unveil the Microdots technology which can be used for theft protection, part identification and traceability to limit the use of spurious automotive parts. The interactive solutions displayed by the company showed an automatic driving test track (ADTT) to evaluate driving skills based on video analytics and sensors-based technology. It is an end-to-end automated solution based on image processing in real-time for reliable and high-accuracy results, without any human intervention. The driving skills of the applicants to be evaluated on-site with the respect to kerb hit, number of forward, reverse and stoppage, wrong direction as well as duration of test, flashing the results in real-time on the display screen.
Nagpal said, “Rosmerta’s pollution under control station at Surakshit Safar pavilion to display pollution check model based on server authentication to check the fake vehicle emission data. The web-based application enables users to access the information related to vehicle and pollution control details, syncing the data with Vahan portal.” Surakshit Safar initiative of SIAM in association with Rosmerta reinforced the road safety paradigm of the government of India, enabling a safe journey model for pedestrians, riders and vehicles.
According to the statement, Rosmerta plays a pivotal role in simplifying compliance requirements through digitised journeys of more than 100,000 vehicle registrations on behalf of the end customer in 28 states and Union Territories in India. (ANI)
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