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Vehicle Anti theft device for insurance companies in Kenya

Did you know that every insurance company in Kenya asks whether a vehicle has a certified anti-theft device?

This question is asked through the proposal form when one is applying for vehicle insurance in Kenya. An anti-theft device refers to a security device installed within the vehicle that inhibits or reduces vehicle theft risks. There are two main types of accepted vehicle anti-theft solutions that are recommend for one to have in their vehicle.

  1. Vehicle alarm with Cut-Off
  2. Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Alarm with cut-off System

Vehicle alarm with cut-off deters forced entry and unauthorised driving. This is a standard security measure where the alarm is triggered due to failure prper vehicle unlocking. The cut-off system requires one to press a hidden button in order to prevent car from stalling.

Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle tracker involves the installation of a smart GPS powered device in the vehicle that enables efficient monitoring of vehicle location through a website or mobile application. Advanced trackers can also be used to remotely switch off the vehicle. This is considered as a superior vehicle anti-theft solution.

Importance of Anti-Theft Device

The anti-theft device helps reduce risk of losses caused by theft. This benefits both the insurance company and the vehicle owner. 

What to do?

It is always recommended to get a certified anti-theft device installed by a credible company in Kenya. Evidence of the anti-theft certificate will reduce amount charged by the insurance company in the event of theft.  Most insurance companies deduct 20% of the vehicle value from the compensation amount in the event of vehicle theft. Having a certified alarm with a cut-off system often reduces this to 10% while having a certifed tracker can reduce this to 2.5%. This details are stipulated in the insurance company’s policy document.

Get your certified anti-theft device installed in your vehicle today. 

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