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Tools and equipments

Aside from a jack and a wheel brace, few modern cars come with any kind of tool kit. Even the most minor maintenance tasks necessitate the use of tools, so a mechanic must first gather the necessary equipment. The type and range of tools you purchase is determined by your level of adventure. Basic servicing and small repairs can now be performed with a few simple implements, but in general, the larger the tool kit required, the more complex the task.

When it comes to tool purchases, quality trumps quantity every time. 

In terms of tools, you’ll need spanners and screwdrivers. You’ll most likely need two pairs of pliers. A large pair with insulated handles and built-in cutters is ideal. Adjustable spanners are a good investment. The same can be said for a locking wrench of this type; these are great for clamping and holding. A hammer was the first “blunt instrument,” but it is still useful in a variety of situations. A tyre pressure gauge and a tread depth gauge are two other measuring devices that are so inexpensive that they are “musts.”