I’ve completed research on supply chain planning (SCP) boutiques. My colleague Clint Reiser has completed a study on warehouse management system (WMS) boutiques. We are teaming up to bring you the coolest supply chain boutiques, listed alphabetically, that we identified through those studies.

What is a boutique? A boutique is a small, regionally focused system integration and consulting firm. Supply chain boutiques garner a high percentage of their revenues from implementing supply chain applications and doing various forms of supply chain consulting. For companies looking for a more intimate relationship with their consultant, and a firm that tends to have deeper application-specific domain expertise, boutiques are a good choice. They also tend to be less expensive than the global consulting firms.

But enVista has a whole other side to their business many are unaware of. They do supply chain strategic consulting and supply chain planning implementations. They have developed a proprietary inventory analysis tool that can not only help companies achieve service level goals with less inventory, but the inventory analysis can also flow into helping design an efficient warehouse layout. They also probably have more consultants who can do strategic consulting based on the use of supply chain design software than any other consultant in the world.

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