Car Loan Tracker

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We provide car loan GPS tracking at competitive rates and premium customer service. The trackers include the following features:

GPS positioning and GPRS real time location report to platform server
Real-time tracking for car/truck/motorcycle
Check location via SMS&Platform
Built-in high sensitive GPS&GSM antenna
ACC ignition detection
External power disconnect alarm for anti-theft
Engine stop and restore support
AGPS assist positioning even in weak or none GPS area
Inflexion point location supplement upload
Internal memory support 2000 GPS data store and re-upload under
none GSM area

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Loan Term (Years + 3 Extra Months)

1 Year + 3 Months, 2Years + 3 Months, 3 Years + 3 Months, 4 Years + 3 Months, 5 Years + 3 Months


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