Finatrack Global Ltd

Finatrack Global Ltd launches giving back policy to improve the lives of communities around where our company operates. The giveback policy will see contribution of a percentage of each sale to support the following areas:



We have established 4 main sectors where we are best positioned to offer superior value to our
community members.

Back view of African kids in an elementary school class


Empowerement through practical education that empowers the community with knowledge and skills to better  engage in job and business opportunities.

Team of african ethnicity doctors examining patient in hospital ward


We support our community’s access to quality healthcare and leading of a day to day healthy life through proper diet guides, exercise and habits.         


Quality Life

We believe in poverty eradication and provision of quality lifelihood. This is in line with thequality basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.


We get partners who sell our products and services within the African market. This partners are also able to identify diferent needs within the community where they operate.

We then commit a percentage of each sale by the partner to support the given community. The partner the serves as the administrator of the  funds to better impact the set goal.

Contact us through email: to  learn more about our giveback program or enquiry on joining our partnership program.