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Checking and topping up engine oil

The engine level must be maintained at the proper level, which is usually recorded on a calibrated dipstick inserted into the oil sump through the engine’s side (or at the front of a transverse unit). Allowing a few minutes for all of the oil to return to the sump is required for the ground level check. Checking the oil level with the engine off is pointless unless the dipstick has special “hot” marks. 

Because it is recommended to only use grade oil, 5-litre cans are more cost-effective than smaller ones.

Remove the dipstick, wipe it down, and replace it; then remove it again to check the oil level in relation to the “maximum” and “minimum” marks. If it is only slightly higher than the minimum, oil should be added via the filler, which is almost certainly located on top of the engine in the camshaft or rocker cover. Because overfilling can cause clutch problems, add a little oil at a time until the proper level is reached.