Kenya’s Traffic Act 403 spells out the various offences relating to using motor vehicles on highways. 
Kenyan rental car owners have often found themselves on the receiving end, especially when their vehicles are caught on the wrong side of the law.
Many car renters are oblivious to traffic laws that regulate what they should or should not carry on hired cars.
According to the Traffic Act, “a privately hired car is not supposed to carry any material that is meant for public service transportation or TSV, including newspapers meant for distribution and unknown members of the public.
“They are also prohibited from ferrying hazardous materials like gas, petroleum products, wildlife products including ivory and other precious resources.”
The law also imposes serious fines or jail terms for the offenders.
Some items attract outright jail sentencing on conviction, including illegal materials such as ivory, wildlife and sandalwood.
Sandalwood and wildlife products are some of the most precious and highly valued commodities in the world.
The former is prized for the tree’s unique oil and its opulent fragrance, commonly developed in fragrances and traditional medicine.
On January 29, 2020, Police in Samburu County impounded a hired Toyota Prado vehicle that was caught ferrying sandalwood worth Ksh.2.5 million from Maralal town to Laikipia County.
“Sandalwood is a type of tree that is rarely found in many places, so if they can preserve their forest, it will be a big heritage in the coming days.
Maybe tourists can visit us and pay revenue to boost our economy,” traffic lawmakers lamented.