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How the loan works?

We offer access to secured logbook loans where the borrower gets a flexible loan upto 24 months secured by his/her vehicle(s).

What are the Logbook loan requirements?

1. Original Log Book
2. Your KRA
3. Your ID
4. Your Passport Photos(3)
5. Cheques

What are the upfront costs ?

1. Valuation
( Ksh 4500) paid upfront to facilitate valuation and search.

2. Comprehensive Insurance
In the event your car is not insured. We pay upfront then it is included to be paid as part of the loan.

3. Fees deducted Upfront.
5% - Processing
1.5% - Insurance
3000 - Incharge
1500 - Legal Fee and Documentation.

What's the interest rate and monthly charges?

1. Interest
5% p.m. On flat rate basis is taking for a period of 1-6 months.

7-24 months= 3% p.m on flat rate basis.

2. Vehicle Tracking.
2,000 p.m or 20,000 p.a.


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