Shame on him
Jordan Peterson’s unsolicited pronouncement about plus-size model Yumi Nu is absolutely of concern for the College of Psychologists of Ontario (“No shrinking violet,” Brian Lilley, Jan. 5). Many young women (and men) seek therapy for body image issues and to have a CPO representative publicly body-shaming any individual is not only unprofessional but counter to the goal of mental health. If Peterson wants to continue to represent and receive backing from the CPO, perhaps he should drop the political crusade and stay in his lane.
John O’Brien
Peterson has a right to free speech and opinion. Just like you’ve expressed your opinion here.
Tough love
Jordan Peterson says things that a good father figure would say to a loved one. The gut punch is part of the message. But many people have grown up without the benefit of a good father figure in their lives. They recoil at the harshness of the words and how they cut to the core of their being. He has helped millions of people around the world. Politics aside, should this not be the highest aspiration of every psychologist, and most especially the association that represents them?
Kelvin Doerksen
Some are offended by Peterson and they’re making a lot of noise.

Skyrocketing price
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In 2010, Stephan Harper announced a contract for 65 F-35 jets for $9 billion for delivery in 2016. Of course, Trudeau campaigned against the contract saying it was the wrong jet for Canada and subsequently cancelled the contract and paid millions out to break the contract. So now the Trudeau government has announced they will buy 88 F-35 jets for $19 billion. I guess the F-35 is now the right jet for Canada after all, because now it is much more expensive.

Dwayne Schultz
But hey, at least we’re getting them finally, right?
Lights on
It amazes me how many cars I still see driving without their lights on in the dark and in the rain. This is dangerous for the drivers behind them who can’t see their tail lights unless they step on the brake. How can so many people be so oblivious and not know that their lights aren’t on? Driving lights on the front of your vehicle don’t mean that your tail lights are on. Car manufacturers should make it mandatory that when you start your car, the headlights and tail lights come on automatically. It’s common sense. When your lights are on, people can see you when it’s dark and raining, if they’re not, it makes it more difficult.
Robert Onyskiw
We are equally surprised to hear this because it is common sense.
What now?
Someone needs to ask the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs that inspired the pre-pandemic national rail blockade, and the eco-terrorists that firebombed workers and destroyed millions of dollars in equipment, what our complicit Liberal government should do now. With the completion of Coastal Gaslink now inevitable, and Japan’s prime minister coming to Canada this week pleading for Canadian LNG, should the prime minister again claim there’s “no business case” to supply yet another political ally, or just explain that unfortunately, it will all be shipped to China? On second thought, maybe don’t ask.
Al Willey
Oh there’s a business case, we just hope the PM doesn’t ignore it again.

This debacle never should have happened
What plan?
Areas for the search were selected after testimonials from former students and elders who witnessed or heard stories of what happened at the school
It’s one of the largest returns for a single player in recent WHL history
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