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An AV conferencing system at Isuzu East Africa’s Nairobi base combines products from Key Digital and TOA Electronics to facilitate virtual meetings between on-site workers and staff working remotely.   
Key Digital Africa has installed an AV conferencing system at the HQ of Isuzu East Africa, in Nairobi, Kenya.
The aim of the project was to facilitate virtual meetings around the campus, accommodating on-site employees in two boardrooms, production line members and staff working remotely.
The system employs a combination of products from Key Digital and TOA Electronics.
It features the Key Digital KD-CAMUSB PTZ camera with automated camera tracking based on the voice-tracking capabilities of TOA Electronics’ LENUBIO AM-CF1, which houses an eight-microphone array with active stereo speakers.
Key Digital offers four configurations of its LeCAMbio conferencing systems, which pair the KD-CAMUSB with Key Digital controllers, switchers and AV-over-IP extenders to provide a range of integrated corporate conferencing solutions for small- to medium-sized conference rooms.
Key Digital’s Compass Control Pro iOS-based control system allows users to set up a call between the two boardrooms and, with the click of a button on a tablet, add the production line. CEC functionality, managed by a KD-x4x1WUTx wall plate switcher, provides seamless on/off switching of the boardroom display screens.
The displays on the production line become digital signage when not being employed for conferencing, with Key Digital KD-CX800 master controllers managing the switch in use. Audio on the production line side is de-embedded by a KD-DA2x8G distribution amplifier/switcher and directed to a TOA VX-3000 evacuation system.
Key Digital Africa is a partnership between Key Digital, a developer and manufacturer of digital video processing and video signal distribution solutions, and Kenyan AV integrator and distributor Magfre Enterprises. It was set up last year to increase the distribution of the US-based company’s products across Africa.
Magfre Enterprises’ presale and security division manager, David Kariuki, said: “We chose Key Digital products for the Isuzu East Africa project because of their ability to deliver a high level of control, with nearly plug-and-play operation. Additionally, Key Digital offers an overwhelming amount of support from its technical team, which minimises project implementation time.”
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