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Brussels, 27 July 2022 – In June 2022, EU commercial vehicle registrations tumbled by 22.5% compared to June 2021, counting 144,210 units.

In June 2022, EU commercial vehicle registrations tumbled by 22.5% compared to June 2021, counting 144,210 units. This fall is mainly due to the drop in sales of new vans (this segment accounts for 80% of total commercial vehicle registrations), which offset the growth in truck registrations. The four largest markets in the EU suffered double-digit losses: Spain (-26.9%), Germany (-26.1%), Italy (-21.3%) and France (-20.9%).
During the first half of 2022, European Union commercial vehicle registrations retreated (‑20.3%), as most EU markets recorded declines, including the four major ones: Spain (‑30.4%), France (-22.1%), Germany (-18.8%) and Italy (-10.3%).
Registrations of light commercial vehicles in the EU saw another decrease in June (-26.8%), with 115,080 units sold. The key markets in the region all contributed to the weak overall result by posting declines. Spain witnessed the highest percentage loss (-32.4%), followed by Germany (-31.6%), Italy (-25.3%) and France (-21.9%).
From January to June, the EU market for new light commercial vehicles shrank by 23.9%, totalling 653,731 units. The negative cumulative result is reflected in all four key markets across the EU: Spain (-35.4%), France (-24.4%), Germany (-22.1%) and Italy (-11.6%).
In June, registrations of new heavy trucks grew by 4.6% across the European Union, reaching 22,482 units. The four major markets in western Europe recorded mixed performances. Spain posted the highest percentage gain (+30.8%), followed by Italy (+10.2%). By contrast, France posted a decrease by 8.2%. Germany on the other hand remained stable (+0.1%). Poland – which is the largest market for heavy trucks in Central Europe – contributed to the positive performance of the region by posting a double-digit increase (+10.4%).
Six months into 2022, new heavy truck sales in EU saw modest growth (+0.4%), totalling 128,501 units, benefitting from the positive performances of the last two months. Nonetheless, the four major markets in the region showed various results. Spain and France posted gains (+5.9% and +2.6% respectively), whilst Germany recorded negative growth (‑3.3%). Italy remained unchanged compared to June 2021.
Last month, the truck segment grew by 2.2% to 26,736 units registered in the EU. Among the four major markets Spain saw the biggest percentage gain (+25.6%). Italy witnessed a more modest increase (+5.0%). France and Germany on the other hand recorded losses (‑10.9% and -4.2% respectively).
Throughout the first half of 2022, medium and heavy commercial vehicle registrations in the EU contracted by 2.5%. With the exception of Spain (+5.1%), all major markets recorded declines: Germany (-7.6%), France (-1.5%) and Italy (-1.1%).
In June, registrations of new buses and coaches in the EU went down by 8.7%. Despite this fall, some markets in the region witnessed triple-digit gains, with Portugal recording the highest increase (+953.1%).
So far in 2022, new bus registrations across the EU expanded by 2.8%, thanks to the strong boost provided in March and May. Among the four key markets in the region, Spain posted the strongest result (+46.2%). France remained stable (+0.2%), whilst Germany and Italy retreated (-20.5% and -10.5% respectively).

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