Finatrack Global Ltd giving back to society

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Finatrack Global Ltd launches giving back policy to improve the lives of communities around where our company operates. The giveback policy will see contribution of a percentage of each sale to support the following areas: GIVEBACK SECTORS We have established 4 main sectors where we are best positioned to offer superior value to ourcommunity members. […]

Greasing and oiling

Greasing and oiling Few modern cars require chassis lubrication, and while this saves the car owner time, it tends to shorten the life of those units that ostensibly have the lubricant sealed in. The pump-action grease gun is more efficient than the lever-action grease gun, but the latter is easier to use. There are numerous […]

Changing engine oil and filter

Changing engine oil and filter When the engine oil needs to be changed at regular intervals, consult the owner’s manual to find out what the recommended interval is and how much oil is needed. The first step is to warm up the engine thoroughly. This will help to speed up the process by lowering the […]

Checking and topping up hyraulic fluid

Checking and topping up hyraulic fluid Clutches and brakes are typically hydraulically operated, with reservoirs located under the hood near the pedals. Translucent containers in modern cars have the correct fluid level marked on them, whereas other types are made of metal. Never reuse old fluid, and always keep the can tightly closed. As one […]


Cleaning There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to car washing. Ordinary washing and leathering can keep a car’s paint bright and shiny, but eventually a film of grime forms that no amount of regular cleaning can remove. To avoid scratching, use plenty of hot water and a soft brush […]

Buying second-hand

Buying second-hand The same rules apply for selecting the type of car you want as they do for purchasing a new car. It is important to note that it is extremely rare to find a car that is more than a year old and in perfect condition, so you should not expect to pay top […]

Car owner’s

Car owner’s If a car is properly maintained, it will reward its owner with dependability and fuel economy, as well as extending its life. It is critical that a car owner develops the habit of providing the machine with the care it requires, and the first step in this direction is to clean and polish […]

Sim card in the GPS tracker vs Sim card in the Mobile Phone

Sim card in the GPS tracker vs Sim card in the Mobile Phone Anyone who has used a GPS tracker in a car knows that in order to use the device normally, a SIM card must be configured in the device and the card must be activated and in normal use. Cards used in the […]

GPS tracking system without Monthly Subscription

GPS tracking system without a monthly subscription You will pay a one-time fee for the GPS device with this type of product. You may be wondering how they provide monthly services without requiring a subscription. The answers can differ, and each has its own set of disadvantages. Contact us

How do you know car tracking is off?

How do you know car tracking is off? When you choose GPS tracking from Finatrack Global Ltd. you get systems that are simple to use, simple to install, and dependable on a daily basis. The decision between a wired and a plug-in device is based on your requirements. Sim cards enable location transmission, audio data […]