Breakdown and recovery services

Breakdown and recovery services Accidents do happen, and major failures can occur, making even a temporary repair at the roadside impossible. Tow tape is something you should always have on hand. With this, you have a better chance of flagging down a motorized Good Samaritan and begging for a tow back to civilization. The same […]

The compulsary vehicle test

The compulsary vehicle test The vehicle’s specifications, also known as the MoT (Ministry of Transport) test. The brakes, lights, steering, suspension, tyres, wheels, seat belts, wipers, washers, horn, exhaust, and structural bodywork are all tested. If any of these components is found to be defective, the vehicle will fail the test. If you are unsure […]

Dealing with a garage

Dealing with a garage The most common issue that owners face when having their vehicles serviced or repaired by a garage is that the work is not done properly. If you need to take your car to a garage for repairs, it is best to go with a company that specializes in your model. Such […]

Safety in your car

Safety in your car Manufacturers prioritize safety, possibly as a result of legislation or threatened legislation in various countries. Seat belts are now standard equipment for front seats and are beginning to appear in some vehicles’ rear seats. Safety is also evident in other areas of the vehicle. In most cases, the compartment is reinforced […]

Legal requirements

Legal requirements Every car owner must have a certificate of insurance and a vehicle registration document, as well as an MoT test certificate if the car is three or more years old.


Registration When a new car is first put on the road, it has to be registered with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles at the Road Transport Department, which is managed by the Kenya Revenue Authority.  This task is typically performed by the vending agent in order to expedite the process, but it can be performed […]

Choosing insurance

Choosing insurance Only two types of auto insurance are useful in practice. The first is Third Party, Fire and Theft, and it is the less expensive of the two. This type of policy compensates for vehicle damage or loss caused by fire or theft. The second type is known as comprehensive insurance, and it includes […]

Buying second-hand

Buying second-hand The same rules apply for selecting the type of car you want as they do for purchasing a new car. It is important to note that it is extremely rare to find a car that is more than a year old and in perfect condition, so you should not expect to pay top […]

Choosing a car

Choosing a car  Purchasing a car is a large investment, and the competing claims of a wide range of products make the decision difficult. You should try to leave personal preferences until last, after you’ve determined what price range you can afford, and start by asking yourself what the car will be used for. The […]