First-time car buyers often find it hard to settle on the model with a majority wrestling with their own choices and preferences. 
Automobile experts note that the right car depends on your finances, the purpose of the car and other personal reasons. Some motorists love to make a statement like horsepower, loud engines and brand, others favour spirited road trips, others tend to buy on impulse or under peer pressure. 
In such cases, sound reason and practicality don’t apply. Before purchasing a car, one ought to consider various aspects, such as the budget, insurance, the number of passengers, terrain, speed, safety features, engine and cargo capacities among others.
Others are the reputation of the car, vehicle history, car ownership, pre-purchase inspection and warranty. 
Here are some models which are pocket friendly and their maintenance cost is fair.
Mercedes is among the most reliable cars in Kenya. Despite being quite expensive ranging north of Ksh1.5 million, it is considered a luxurious family car. 
The German brand is durable with most car enthusiasts arguing that it takes a long time and mileage to call for service and repair. 
Mercedes C-Class has a 1.5-litre Turbo Petrol Engine with a displacement of 1,496 CC.
Honda Fit
Honda Fit is one of the brands assembled by the Honda manufacturer. Others include Accord, Airwave, and CRVs. Honda Fit has become a household name in the country ranging from Ksh1 million up to Ksh2 million.
It is most preferred by most first-time buyers as it is fuel-efficient and performance orientated.
Other than just being a family and luxury car, owners can even convert them to use for commercial services including taxis.
Honda Fit has also the reputation of having a world-class engine with spare parts easily accessible in the market.
Its base engine size is 1.5 litres and engine capacity of 1,317 – 1,496 CC.
Toyota Passo
Toyota Passo is considered a pocket-friendly car in Kenya. Most dealers handling the car either new or used are always willing to sell them at a price not exceeding Ksh1.5 million.
Some dealers even sell them as low as Ksh750,000 attracting many first-time buyers. 
Toyota Passo is spacious enough to carry up to five passengers with enough space for your cargo in the trunk.
Its spare parts are also easy to access within the Kenyan market.
It has a displacement of 996 CC.
Nissan Note
Nissan Note gained popularity in the Kenyan market right from its inception. 
It is considered both a family and commercial vehicle with its price ranging below Ksh1.5 million. Used cars can even trade as low as Ksh650,000.
The car is easy to maintain and repair. 
Nissan Note’s specifications range between 1,198 – 1,597 CC.
Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Polo is considered one of the safest small cars in the Kenyan market.
This type of German car comes with advanced safety features, and amazing infotainment features with the interior designed to perfection.
Volkswagen Polo is proven to be reliable and thus worthy of every penny a first-time buyer pays. 
It has a displacement of 999 CC.
 Subaru Impreza
Subaru Impreza is also among the most considered brands in Kenya. First-time buyers prefer the car for its performance. 
Despite its price range being a little bit above Ksh1.5 million, Subaru Impreza is a leading family car, especially for those travelling for long distances.
In Kenya owning a Subaru also comes with some prestige and sophistication.
It is an ideal car for speed junkies who love customisation and improvisation. 
Subaru Impreza has a displacement of 2122 and with four cylinders.
Mitsubishi RVR
SUVs are usually considered aspirational vehicles and most first-time car buyers are discouraged from owning one due to price and maintenance costs.  
However, the Mitsubishi RVR is a great choice for any first-time car buyer who has a medium-size family or simply wants a spacious car.
Its four-wheel drive features make it suitable for off-road terrains. 
Mitsubishi RVR has a displacement ranging between 1,798 – 2,350 CC.
Mazda Axela
If you are looking for a practical car with a sporty exterior, the Mazda Axela is the best car for you. Voted one of the best hatchbacks in the world, it comes packed with amazing features, great fuel economy and is very spacious. 
This is a car that appeals to a wide range of car shoppers since it has something for everyone. 
Mazda Axela has a displacement of 1,496 CC.
Hybrid cars are also ideal for first time buyers since they are fuel efficient and easy to maintain
With advancements in battery technology, hybrid cars have become a viable alternative to vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.
Other affordable and ideal cars include BMW, Volvo, Prado, Toyota Auris, and Golf GT among others.